Joe Biden has told campaign staffers that he’s worried his habit of making gaffes on the campaign trail will cost him the election.

- This is why Elizabeth Warren always speaks in Smoke Signals. Her mistakes just disappear into thin air.


Today is National Creamsicle Day!

- It takes me back to my childhood days… Little did I know then, that they were not only putting a big smile on my face but a ton of cholesterol in my arteries.


Ratings for Sunday night’s “Teen Choice Awards” fell by 28% from last year to an all time low.

- Makes sense… Jeffrey Epstein was “unavailable” to tune in at the time, so the only one watching was R. Kelly.


Lucky Charms is selling bags of “Just Marshmallows” for two bucks which - unlike the originals - are “Bigger and Puffier”.

- Just like You’ll be if you eat ‘em.


Caitlyn Jenner sent his/her daughter Kylie a 22nd Birthday wish on Instagram - but mistakenly posted a photo of himself/herself with daughter KENDALL Jenner instead.

- So I’m not the only one who can’t tell one Kardashian girl from the others. Except for Kim… BUTT that’s another story. I can recognize her coming or going.


Mike Tyson - who recently opened a “Cannabis Vacation Resort” says he smokes $40,000 worth of Pot every month.

- He says the money comes out of a special fund he “ear marked” for partying.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Thursday!