There’s a new trend called “DogFishing” where men are posting pics of themselves with their friends dogs on Dating Apps in an effort to come off more nurturing to prospective dates.

- And they called it… Puppy Love.


The Dept. of Transportation added Miniature Horses - which stand 2 to 3 feet tall and weight about 100 lbs. - to the list of Emotional Support Animals that are allowed on airplanes.

- Which begs the question: Why fly? Why not just ride the horse?


A new study found that the heart rate of people watching professional sports (especially when they’re winning) goes up so much they get the same health benefits as 90 minutes of brisk walking.

- Unless you’re watching the Tigers this year. Or the Lions pretty much any year.


Pro Golfer John Daly says that despite rumors to the contrary, President Trump DOES NOT cheat at golf… but that Bill Clinton does.

- This is historic… It’s the first time “Bill Clinton” and “Cheat” have been used in the same sentence without a female involved.


8 women have accused 78 year old Opera Legend Placido Domingo of sexual harassment.

- Domingo says he’ll fight the charges in court and “It ain’t over ‘til the fat lady in the Jury sings”.


A United Airlines flight attendant who passed out during the safety speech is facing charges of public intoxication.

- Say what you will, it’s just nice to see somebody other than the Pilot doing the drinking.


In a new video by a group called “Campus Reform”, students were asked to sign a (phony) petition calling for banning the iconic white stick figure in “WALK” signals because they are “Oppressive”. Most of the students signed.

- Next up: They’ll ban “Merge” signs because the Snowflake girls think it’s too suggestive.


The 25th Anniversary Woodward Dream Cruise is THIS SATURDAY the 17th! The classic cars will take your breath away… and so will the exhaust fumes!

I’ve been invited to ride in the Berkley Parade Friday night which starts at 6:30pm and runs from Woodward to Greenfield on 12 mile. I’ll be in a ‘61 white convertible T-Bird with red interior… See ya there!!

Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow!