A 128-year-old drawing of a roll of toilet paper by the man who invented TP in 1891 solves the age-old question of whether toilet paper should go over or under the roll. And the answer is… OVER.

- Well this should wipe out any doubt.


A lesbian in Florida says that she and her partner "don’t yet know the gender “ of their 11 MONTH OLD baby and will let Him/Her decide if He/She is a Boy or a Girl.

- Here a novel idea… Why don’t they just look in the kids diaper??


Sources close to Hillary Clinton say she’s “surprised her announcement (yesterday) NOT to run in 2020 was taken at face value” and is waiting for the Mueller report before making a final decision.

- Nobody’s more excited about her change of heart than Bill. He’s obviously trying to get her out of the house.


Legendary pro wrestler “King Kong Bundy” has died at the age of 61.

- He fell while trying to swat an airplane during a climb up the Empire State Buidling.

- He is survived by Fay Wray.


Hollywood is still reeling from the death of actor Luke Perry at the age of 52.

- And yet Charlie Sheen Lives.


Starting April 1, anyone in Britain who watches free porn on the internet will have to register with the government to prove they’re over 18.

- So look for this weekend’s… “Million HIGH SCHOOL BOYS Protest March”.


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