NASA had to cancel the first-ever “All Female Spacewalk” after discovering they didn’t have enough correctly-sized spacesuits.

- This isn’t the first time a woman has changed her plans because she can’t find anything to wear.


Michael Avenatti, who represented Stormy Daniels against Prez Trump, has been charged with trying to “shake down” Nike for $20 Mil… punishable by 50 years in jail.

- Just months ago he was talking about running for President. Now he can be President of Cell Block C.


Celebs including Alec Baldwin and Cher are in full meltdown mode after Mueller’s “No Collusion Conclusion” - with Baldwin saying “Trump is the Devil”.

- It’s clear those court-ordered Anger Management classes are paying off for Alec.

- Cher was going to “turn the other cheek” but she can’t move her face.


The Department of Homeland Security announced that a Caravan of 1,200 migrants has left Central America for the U.S. Border.

- But it turns out it was just another group of people running for the Democrat Presidential Nomination.


A group of scientists has developed a GOOGLE BRAIN IMPLANT that can dramatically increase anyone’s IQ.

- Lorrie Laughlin was like, “Now you tell me”.


Twenty seven states have now made it Legal for drivers to eat roadkill that they hit with their car.

- Well that gives me some new options for lunch today.


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