The Mueller Report found that there was NO COLLUSION between President Trump and the Russians.

- Democrats say they're satisfied and will accept the findings of the report. NOT.


Former FBI director James Comey reacted by posting a pic of himself in the forest staring up at the trees with the caption “So many questions”.

- Huh? Call me crazy but aren’t THEY the ones who started the whole investigation with NO PROOF??? Welcome to The $25 Million Tax-Payer-Paid-For Boondoggle.


The Director of the Elton John biopic, Rocketman, says the movie WILL feature a nude scene.

- And just like that I can’t listen to “Tiny Dancer” or “Little Jeannie” with a straight face.


Hip-Hopper Dr. Dre took a shot at celebrities who paid to get their kids into college by Tweeting. "My daughter got accepted into USC all on her own!" He failed to mention that six years ago he gave USC $70 Million.

- Hey… at least he got his kid in the old-fashioned way… By funding a building with his name on it.


Farewell, Peter Cottontail — Cadbury Eggs is replacing their bunny with an English Bulldog as the new face of Easter.

- Seriously? The Easter Puppy??

- It’s about time somebody did something about “White Rabbit Privilege”!


Students at Michigan and Michigan State partied big time after both schools made it to the “Sweet Sixteen” over the weekend.

- In a related story… R. Kelly attended a “Sweet Sixteen Party”.


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