At 94 years, 172 days Jimmy Carter has just surpassed George H.W. Bush as the oldest living former U.S. President.

- Uh oh. Every time somebody earns the title “The Oldest” ANYTHING… things tend to go downhill pretty fast.


Former “The View” co-host Jenny McCarthy says that her former boss Barbara Walters was “horrible” to her and that working with Whoopie Goldberg was almost as bad.

- I’m shocked. It seems like such a fun, easy-going place to work.


Democratic presidential contender Andrew Yang came out with an important policy statement: He’s against Circumcision.

- He says he’s got plenty of other things on his agenda and that circumcision is “Just the tip of the iceberg”.


An American figure skater has been accused of intentionally skating into a 16-year-old Korean rival during a warm-up session before the World Figure Skating Championship.

- Here we go again. Why Us??? Why Now???


A man in Colombia is in mourning for his girlfriend who fainted and died after having sex with him for 5 hours.

- To add insult to injury, the man says he’s too exhausted to attend her funeral.


Actress Rosario Dawson and presidential hopeful Cory Booker are officially a couple.

- If he wins, Booker will be the first guy in the White House with a girlfriend… If you don’t count JFK and Bill Clinton.


According to medical experts, March is the most popular month of the year for vasectomies because men plan it so they can stay home and watch the games during “March Madness”.

- Basketball or politics, take your pick.


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