First Day of Spring! The day I pull out my trademark Black Socks & Sandals! Not everyone can pull this off. It’s a gift.


It maybe Spring… but Kwame’s not getting Sprung! The judge has refused to vacate his sentence.

- On a bright note, Kwame’s dance card for the Prison’s “Spring Formal” is almost full.


Bill Gates has joined Jeff Bezos with membership in the $100 Billion Dollar Club.

- Congratulations boys… the drinks are on me!


Jeff Bezo’s girlfriend’s brother now admits that he was the one who made a deal with the National Enquirer about his sister’s affair with Bezos… and got paid $200,000.

- Let me get this straight. His sister is about to be worth BILLIONS and he sold her out for 200 Grand??? Apparently he’s not the brains in the family!


Miley Cyrus posted a naked pic of herself on Instagram to celebrate the fact that she’ll be performing at the 50 Anniversary Woodstock.

- Tomorrow she’ll post another naked picture of herself to celebrate the fact that it’s Thursday.


Beto O’Rourke told the Washington Post that after he lost the Texas Senate seat to Ted Cruz he chowed down on “Dirt from New Mexico that’s said to have regenerative powers”.

- If he doesn’t win the Presidency, Beto’s a shoe-in to win “Survivor”.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Thursday!


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