SAD NEWS… Stormy Daniels has “Broken Up” with attorney Michael Avenatti after accusing him of using her for financial gain.

- Stormy’s demanding that he give her all the money back in her usual style… one single at a time.


Beto O’Rourke officially announced his Presidential bid this morning.

- If you’re looking for a candidate who’s biggest qualification is “Looking like Bobby Kennedy”… Beto’s your guy!


Laurie Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade was on USC’s yacht when her mother was charged with paying 500 GRAND to get her into college.

- Olivia made it back to shore since her Mom also paid somebody to take her swim lessons for her.


Facebook says it still doesn’t know what caused the site to go down for more than 14 hours starting Wednesday - leaving millions around the world unable to post.

- It was awful. I actually had to walk next door to my neighbors house and ask them what they were having for dinner.


Students at Sarah Lawrence College in NY are demanding that the administration take duties away from “racist white professors” and “provide laundry detergent -- and softener -- for all students”.

- No free bleach?? I guess it would be Racist to make their Tighty Whities even Whiter.


NY Mayor Bill DeBlasio sent out a tweet detailing the four things New Yorkers are allowed to flush down the toilet.

- FOUR things??? I get #1 and #2… but I’m lost when it comes to #3 and #4. Must be a New York thing.

- Remember the good old days when the only thing we worried about was the government trying to legislate what we did in the BEDROOM???


The Del Taco restaurant chain is now selling French Fry scented soap.

- It’s designed for guys who love tacos but want to smell like they work at a hamburger joint.

- It goes great with their “Eau de Onion Ring” Cologne.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Friday!