Elizabeth Warren has apologized for the second time in a week after a State Bar of Texas registration card from 1986 emerged on which she hand-wrote her race as “American Indian”.

- Warren said “I don’t remember filling out that card. Honest Injun!”


This weekend the Boy Scouts of America made history by establishing its first all-girl troop. 

- FYI: There’s already a name for an all-girl Boy Scout Troop. I believe it’s called “The Girl Scouts”. 


Tired of chicken and beef? Chefs are trying to diversify their menus by using SQUIRREL MEAN in pancakes, casseroles and even lasagna.

- I’ve always loved my pancakes with nuts… preferably after the squirrel has spit them out. 


The latest Health Fad??? It’s Breathing!!! According to “experts” we’ve been doing it all wrong all along and need to be taught how to do it right.  

- Call me crazy but I didn’t realize that “breathing” was a “fad”.  


A lock of George Washington’s hair sold for $35,000 at an auction.

- Meanwhile a lock of President Trump’s hair was swept up off the floor by his Barber at Super Cuts.


Charlie Sheen has cut $1.5 million from the price of his Beverly Hills bachelor pad. 

- This is what happens when you describe the Master Bedroom as “Previously Enjoyed”. 


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Thursday!