Washington DC is all atwitter about Trump’s State of the Union Address tonight.

- And by all atwitter I mean all a “TWITTER”.


His address will be followed by the Democrat response which will be given by Georgia’s Stacey Abrams.

- Chuck and Nancy were going to give the rebuttal again… but after the publics reaction last time, they decided against it.

- Too bad. I was really looking forward to seeing the “Two Angry Farmers” again.


In a new Podcast called “Crimetown”… Kwame Kilpatrick says he can’t believe he got sent to prison for lying about his affair with Christine Beatty.

- Memo to Kwame: That’s NOT why you got sent to the slammer.


A new employment survey found that 32% of Millennials admit to working while they’re in the bathroom.

- That’s not what teenage boys did in the bathroom when I was growing up!


Women’s brains are nearly four years younger than men’s according to scans by US researchers.

- Upon hearing this women replied, “Tell us something we don’t already know”.


After months of rumors, it’s been confirmed that for the first time in 30 years the Academy Awards will not have a single host - but will have 13 different “presenters” instead.

- Here’s an idea… Why not make everyone happy and have Meryl Streep host and present the awards in 13 different accents?


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Wednesday!