Majority stock holder Oprah Winfrey lost $39 Million when Weight Watchers stock took a dive.

- On the bright side, Oprah says she’s down 10 pounds. Of course it’s all Wallet Weight.


Jeff Bezos girlfriend Lauren Sanchez has cut off contact with her brother after he leaked her “Sexts” with Bezos.

- The only one we know Sanchez in definitely NOT gonna "cut off” is Jeff “$140 Billion” Bezos.


This month we’ve had the”Polar Vortex” and a “Bomb Cyclone”. Or as it used to be known… “WINTER”.


Tech experts say Google’s Alexa may be programmed to listen in to home owners and turn them in if they’re overheard talking about anything the government doesn’t like.

- There’s a name for this kind of thing: It’s called “Germany in the 1930’s”. Only then, Alexa was known as “Eva Braun”… and Hitler would ask her to “turn off the lights in the Bunker”.


New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft was formally charged with soliciting prostitution after Friday’s raid on a Florida Massage Parlor.

- Kraft is one of the few owners to have a Super Bowl ring AND a prostitution ring.


Some on Social Media are upset about Glenn Close NOT winning the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in the movie “The Wife” - her 7th Oscar loss.

- Voters said her performance was almost as good as the winner’s, but it was a case of “Close… but no cigar”.


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