Nuclear disarmament talks between Prez. Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un broke down in Hanoi yesterday with Trump saying “Sometimes you have to walk away”.

- Or in Mr. Un’s case, “waddle away”.


Dennis Rodman - who considers Kim Jong Un his BFF - predicts that President Trump will soon win the Nobel Peace Prize.

- You can hear more predictions from Dennis during his upcoming appearance on “Say Yes To The Dress”.


Walmart announced it’s doing away with “Greeters” and will hire “Customer Hosts” instead… who will have to climb ladders, be able to lift 25 pounds and stand for long periods of time.

- I had a job like that once… it was called “Bag Boy”.


Lady Gaga says her “intimate moment” with Bradley Cooper at the Oscars was “all for show” and no different than the hug she gave 92 year old Tony Bennett when they performed a duet.

- Duh! We all knew it was an act with Tony… because obviously he “Left His Heart in San Francisco”!


A man in Denmark suffered with an unexplained stuffy nose until, after much digging, he finally figured out he had a tooth growing inside his nostril.

- So it must have been a Wisdom tooth.


Michael Jackson’s "Neverland" ranch is back on the market for  $31 million. That’s 70% off the original asking price of $100 million.

- Like Michaels nose, the price just keeps getting smaller. 


AOC who has called for Americans to stop eating hamburgers to help save the planet was photographed having lunch with her Chief of Staff who was eating… GASP… a hamburger!!!

- If her staff keeps this up, the world’s gonna end in ELEVEN years instead of TWELVE!!!


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Friday!


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