It’s Presidents Day! The day we celebrate the Birthdays of three great Presidents: Lincoln, Washington & Belvedere.


An ORANGE Alligator was spotted sunning himself on the bank of a river in South Carolina.

- He’s obviously a fan of Donald Trump… or eats too many Cheetos.


77 year old Bernie Sanders has recorded a 2020 presidential announcement video but it hasn’t been released yet.

- He’s still driving around trying to find a Blockbuster store to give it to.


Washington Police are looking for a man who robbed a convenience store in a giraffe costume.

- Police say the man goes by the name “Geoffrey”.


Jose Cuervo is operating an ALL YOU CAN DRINK TEQUILA TRAIN in Mexico.

- This gives a whole new meaning to a train “Chugging Along”.


Vladimir Putin was reportedly knocked down during a judo match with a Female Russian Olympian.

- Her funeral will be held later this week.

- The Beatles predicted this in their song “Vlad On His Back In the USSR”.


REMINDER: The 32nd Annual Salvation Army Bed & Bread Radiothon that raises money to feed many thousands of Metro-Detroiters each year - takes place this Friday, Feb. 22. It will be broadcast LIVE from 6am to 8pm on 760 AM WJR. Jackie, Big Al and I will be hosting between 2 and 4pm and then again from 6 to 8pm! Hope you’ll tune in!


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Tuesday!


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