On this day in 1806 Ralph Wedgwood patented Carbon paper.

- Boy I didn’t CC that one coming.


FACT: On this day in 1986 now GM Steve Yzerman was named Captain of the Red Wings, a title he would hold for over 1,300 games.


79-year-old Sir Patrick Stewart announced that he’ll be starring in a new “Star Trek” Spinoff.

- In the new series, the “Enterprise” is a rental car he picks up at an airport in Miami.


Bernie Sanders vows he’s headed back to the campaign trail after suffering a heart attack last week.

- Beto O’Rourke immediately blamed Sander’s heart attack on “White Privilege” and demanded that all Illegal Immigrants be given the same chance to have Heart Attacks that US Citizens enjoy.


Lori Loughlan hasn’t gone to trial yet, but friends say she’s already shopping a prison tell-all book in the hopes of making millions from her possible jail sentence.

- Let’s hope she WRITES better than her daughter ROWED.


Insiders say Democrats are again urging Michelle Obama to jump in the race for the White House but she says she’s not interested.

- “Over my dead body!” - - - said Hillary.


43 percent of Americans surveyed say it’s okay to start decorating for the Holidays on November 1st.

- The other 57% never take the lights down.


On this day in 1492… Christopher Columbus missed “discovering” Florida when he changed course.

- Making him the first person in history to curse Google Maps.


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