Researchers say that a woman who was reportedly the “The World’s Oldest Woman Ever”, who died at the age of 122 (and a half!!!) in 1997, was a fraud who assumed her deceased mother’s identity and was really only 99. 

- Either way, she’s the first woman in history to lie about her age… and make herself OLDER.


Madonna is taking heat on Social Media after appearing on a New Years Eve show with what look like gigantic butt implants.

- Hear more about it in her new hit “Like a Kardashian”.


A former lesbian from Seattle claims she fell in love with the anonymous sperm donor who fathered the two daughters she had with her ex-wife after tracking him down for 11 years on Facebook.

- Don’tcha just love an old-fashioned romance??


Good News/Bad news story out of China… Sales of Apple iPhones are way down.

- The Good News? Sales of Almond Boneless Chicken are way up.


The British Army is trying to entice young recruits with ads praising the “Me Me Me Millennials” for their “strong self- belief” and “Snowflakes” for their “compassion”.

- British Millennials said they be happy to serve as long as their Drill Sergeant and enemy troops are “Nice” to them.


Breaking news… Rapper Drake has unfriended Kim Kardashian on Instagram. 

- And to think I had such high hopes for 2019 would be a good year!


RIP… Daryl Dragon, the “Captain” of Captain and Tennille has died of renal failure at the age of 76 with his longtime partner Toni Tennille at his side.


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