A proposed 20-foot tall neon sign set to go up outside “Kid Rock's Big Ass Honky Tonk Rock N' Roll Steakhouse” will feature a giant guitar shaped like a woman's butt.

- Why spend all that money on a sign? Why not just tape up a pic of Kim Kardashian?


At last night’s Golden Globe Awards, the announcers kept talking about how there were a lot of new faces in the crowd.

- But technically speaking, it’s Hollywood and EVERYONE there has a new face.


One of the not-so-new faces last night was Carol Burnett who (Surprise!) won the “Carol Burnett TV Award”.

- Carol had one word for the other’s up for the award: “SOOOOORRRRRREEEEY!”


Starting today, public buildings in New York are required to provide baby changing tables in both the Men’s and Women’s room.

- So now men can go through “The Change” too… but without the mood swings and hot flashes.


Alabama and Clemson are set to square off in College Football’s National Championship game tonight.

- Each school makes about $10 million bucks for making it into the game. But, when you subtract what they’re paying the players, it comes out to….$10 million bucks.


“Overweight” flight attendants and crew members on Pakistani Airlines have 6 months to lose their extra weight or they’ll lose their jobs.

- It’s nice to see an airline asking their employees to lose THEIR OWN excess baggage instead of ours for a change.


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