NBC is being slammed for it’s “train-wreck” New Year’s Eve coverage which featured co-host Chrissy Teigen talking about “Vaginal Steaming” but failed to show a countdown clock or the Ball Drop in Times Square.

- Here in Detroit we didn’t see the Ball Drop either… since the Lions WON over Green Bay… 31 - Zip!


The Transportation Security Administration is planning on replacing pointy-ear dogs with floppy-ear ones as their security dogs, because people are less afraid of them.

- Call me crazy but aren’t we SUPPOSED TO BE AFRAID of Security Dogs??


As per usual, the number one Resolution this year was to “Eat healthier and lose weight”.

- But researchers say only 8% follow through with it, leaving the rest of us to eat our words... Along with a lot of potato chips.


Patriots QB Tom Brady won’t receive any of the $5 Million in Performances Bonus’s built into his contract this year because he didn’t meet any of the goals he set for himself this season.

- He should do what I do: Set lower goals.


Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren is being mocked on Social Media after going live on the Internet and awkwardly chugging a beer while taking questions from potential voters.

- To make matters worse, she drank the beer in the kitchen of her WigWam.


United Airlines started the New Year with a tweet announcing that they’re bringing back an in-flight snack called the “Stroopwafel”.

- With the miniature size of airplane bathrooms, I thought the “Stroopwafel” was a euphemism for the “Mile High Club”.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Thursday!


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