The officials who blew the call Sunday allowing the Rams to beat the Saints were moved to a different hotel because of threats against them.

- The refs said they didn’t see what all the fuss was about. Then again, there’s a LOT of stuff they don’t see.


A Pennsylvania woman is under arrest after she stole a baby kangaroo from a petting zoo, stuffed it into her Honda and told cops she wanted to take it to Florida.

- The Kangaroo said, “Why the car? Why not just Hop a flight?”


The rocket company headed by Jeff Bezos will launch its unmanned rocket into outer space today.

- Let’s see… Bezos is having an affair that’s gonna cost him 70 BILLION DOLLARS… I’m thinking he’s already IN outer space.


Boeing says it has successfully completed the first test flight of a prototype for its “Driverless Passenger Air Taxi” which could start carrying riders as early as next year.

- And to make it realistic it comes with that delightful “Taxi Cab Smell”.


More and more Millennials are opting out of having a Primary Care Doc and using Urgent Care instead because they don’t want wait for an appointment.

- Wait’ll they find out they have to wait nine whole months to get a baby.


Theater-goers in Paris stripped naked for a performance of a new play called “Nude & Approved”.

- Critics said this changes the old showbiz expression from “There are No Small Parts… Only Small Actors”, to “There are not only Small Actors… There are Plenty of Small Parts!”

- If you’re headed to Paris, look for their upcoming production of “Back Side Story”.


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