Pics and Tweets allegedly prove that #MeToo movement co-founder Asia Argenta did indeed have sex with a then-17 year old boy who's accusing her of sexual assault. 

- Apparently she lives by the old adage: "Do As I Say... Not As I Did Him". 


Photos of an Austrian man went viral Wednesday after he boarded a train with a rather unusual travelling companion: a Horse named Frieda.

- Most Australians are against Horses on Trains... that according to a Gallop Poll. 


CBS announced that it's hit show "The Big Bang Theory" will go off the air next May after 12 seasons. 

- In other "Big Bang" news... Stormy Daniels has added new dates to her "Make America Horny Again" tour. 


The LA District Attorney is investigating a second sexual assault case against Kevin Spacey. 

- At this point, Kevin's ENTIRE CAREER is a House of Cards. 


Google has launched a new feature that filters negative news and delivers only positive stories to cheer people up. 

- It's called "No News"... since we all know that No News is Good News. 


Kroger will do away with plastic grocery bags by 2025 to reduce the amount of trash in landfills... but they'll still offer paper bags.  

- Wasn't it just yesterday that we started using plastic bags in order to "Save the Trees"??? Wasn't that PAPER-SHAMING???


A drone over the Amazon Rainforest captured images of a tribe of 16 people wandering around who experts say have never had contact with the outside world. 

- They know that because their Facebook posts didn't include any political opinions.


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