So much for "Survival of the Fittest". According to a new study of ocean creatures, those that are the laziest and don't move much survive the longest.  

- Put another way... your 30 year old son who's living in your basement - may not ever move out, but he's gonna live FOREVER!


A company in Taiwan is selling dog-shaped ice cream. 

- The "Double Chocolate Lab" is to die for but I'd stay away from the "Pitbull with Nuts". 


Meghan Markle's estranged father compared her in-laws, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip to the Church of Scientology over the weekend. 

- To be honest, that's better than a lot of people who refer to their in-laws as "Satan". 


A Canadian Coffee Chain named "Second Cup" is turning some of their stores into marijuana dispensaries. 

- Locals say it's the Best Coffee Joint in town.


A woman helping her Grandmother clean out her garage was astounded when she discovered a a Lamborghini, a Ferrari and an MG - valued at half a Mil. 

- I helped my Grandma clean out her garage once and all I found was an old can of Crisco and a   framed picture of James K. Polk. 


Facebook admits that it assigns users a "Trust Rating" depending on how they react to news articles... but keeps each person's score a secret. 

- So Facebook is doing something it's Users NEVER do... Keeping part of their lives secret. 


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