Vermont voters nominated the nation's first Transgender Gubernatorial candidate in their Primary Tuesday. 

- Apparently, she's the whole Package. 


They'll be some new items on the menu at Ford Field when the Lions play this fall... including Chocolate Cinnamon-Sugar Nachos topped with marshmallow cream and Nutella. 

- Apparently the goal is to get you so high on sugar you won't care if the Lions lose. 


Couples who criticise each other and roll their eyes during disagreements have higher levels of inflammation which can lead to health problems including "Leaky Gut Syndrome".

- Wasn't "Leaky the Gut" one of the guys suspected of taking out Jimmy Hoffa? 


Scientists say the Big Toe evolved so humans could walk upright and still have the dexterity to  climb trees. 

- And these days, it gives people who disagree politically better balance to kick the other person in the butt. 

- So basically, before the Big Toe... we were all Thumbs. 


A music fan in Britain claims he was physically assaulted by the lead singer of a Punk Rock band after he booed the singer's anti-Trump comments. 

- I think the real story here is that a guy at a Punk Rock concert is called "a music fan". 


An Economics Professor at the University of British Colombia claims sex robots could Improve marriages by eliminating the need for husbands and wives to argue about sex. 

- Thus the expression, "Not tonight dear... I have a robot!"


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