A Mississippi man, who claimed he was abducted by an Alien back in 1973 says he "had no neck with gray wrinkled skin".

- This man was obviously abducted by Harvey Weinstein.


Two sisters in Connecticut - who were both Lunch Ladies at local schools - are accused of stealing almost a half Million dollars in student lunch money. 

- A Half-Mil... or as the Lunch Ladies called it "A Whole Lotta Tater Tots". 

- They were caught up in the great "Hairnet Dragnet" sweep of School Cafeterias. 


Experts claim the "Dutch Diet" - which allows dairy and even pastries along with vegetables & fish - may be the key to weight loss and longevity. 

- Dollars to Donuts say this ain't gonna work. 


New research shows Google keeps track of where you are - down to the square foot - even when you're NOT using GoogleMaps. 

- So your friends may not know you're texting them from a toilet, but Google does. 


A last second glitch delayed NASA's historic mission to visit the Sun on Saturday.

- Dontcha hate it when you're leaving on vacation to catch some Sun and your flight is delayed? 


Kanye West announced that he'd be interested in "Hooking Up" with one of wife Kim Kardashian's sisters. 

- His mother-in-law Kris Jenner immediately responded, "Not so fast! Wait until I get the camera crew!"


Thoughts and Prayers go out to the great Aretha Franklin and her family as she receives Hospice care in her home. 

Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!