President Trump's announcement that he believes Putin's claims that Russia didn't try to influence the Presidential Election are being called "treasonous" by some. 

- Even the WH chef is a critic. This morning he served Trump a breakfast of Eggs Benedict... Arnold. 


The man who co-wrote Trump's book "Art of the Deal" told CNN that the President is losing his mind. 

- So is everybody else... but this guy said it BEFORE the press conference with Putin Monday. 


It's World Emoji Day! 

- This would be really big news if I had any idea how to text! 


A Florida man was arrested after he dumped the contents of a Porta-Potty onto his neighbor's front lawn. 

- Porta-Potty offenses are the #1 and #2 growing crimes in the country, believe it or not. (I know... probably NOT).  


Hundreds of thousands of shoppers trying to cash in on deals during Amazon's much hyped "Prime Day" were unable to place orders when the website crashed. They got an error message along with a pic of a cute dog. 

- And you can get that cute dog delivered to your door in TWO DAYS for FREE... if you have Prime. 


IHOP is celebrating it's 60th Birthday today by offering Short Stacks of pancakes for just 60 cents. 

- I love pancakes but don't like the calories. I can't decide if I should go. I'm waffling. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!