President Trump is now backing off on his statement that the Russians didn't try to meddle in the election claiming he accidentally said "Why WOULD they" instead of "Why WOULDN'T they?"

- He's also unveiled a new line of "Make Words With Apostrophe's Great Again" baseball caps. 


A video of a woman carrying her frightened Labradoodle down a mall escalator has gone viral.

- Proving the old adage... "Woman is a Dog's Best Friend". 

- The dog was so grateful, when they got home he ran in circles and rubbed his butt on her rug. 


A survey by Facetune found that 90% of all bikini photos posted online have beed edited to enhance the subjects features. 

- With the exception of Kim Kardashian's butt. 

- Sadly, all of the pics of old guys wearing Speedos HAVEN'T been edited.


Meanwhile... a top fashion designer called Kim and her family "the cheapest people in the world". 

- Apparently he's never met my ex-brother-in-law Joe.


A store in NYC is renting out mattresses where you can take a 45 minute nap for $25. 

- So much for "The City That Never Sleeps". 


Archeologists in Jordan have discovered the burnt remains of a flatbread baked 14,400 years ago, making it the oldest bread on record.

- It's about a footlong and was found in a dumpster behind the Amman Subway Shop.

- I'm thinking the bread is still good... but I'd stay away from the mayo. 


It's National Hot Dog Day!

- The day we head to a Coney Island with friends to Ketchup and make memories we'll Relish. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!