Residents of a small town in Greenland woke up to find an 11 ton Iceberg floating off the coast of their village. It's 300 feet tall, almost two-football-fields long and may cause a Tsunami. 

- Meanwhile, officials say most residents don't know how to swim. I'm thinkin' now would be a good time to learn. 


Vladimir Putin showed up an hour late for his meeting with President Trump in Helsinki, Finland today, and body language experts say they looked like "fighters headed into the ring". 

-  Only this was less like "The Thrilla In Manilla" and more like "The Stinkie in Helsinki".


Today is Amazon Prime Day!

- If you're got Prime... Today is the day you can save big on tons of stuff that you don't need! 


In a related story, the last Sears store in Chicago is closing after almost 80 years. 

- Instead of paying for a demolition crew, they're going to reopen on Black Friday and let the customers tear it down. 


A Ryan Air flight from Dublin to Croatia plunged 30,000 feet in ten minutes after the cabin lost pressure. 

- It was extra scary because on discount airlines, you have to swipe your credit card before the oxygen masks will come down. 


Supermodel Kate Upton announced that she's expecting her first child with hubby Justin Verlander. 

- The happy couple revealed the good news in a Tweet reading: "Guess Who's Finally Eating For ONE???" 

- Kate says Justin may play for the Astros... but he's still a Tiger in bed. (Btw... Justin gave up 4 HR's and got bombed by the TIGERS last night in Houston). 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday! 


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