GM Executive VP Mark Reuss crumbled the front of the $125,000 Corvette pace car he was driving during the parade lap of the Detroit Grand Prix Sunday by hitting the wall. 

- The old Chevy ad slogan "Like a Rock" didn't work out so well. 


When asked by "Today" show hosts this morning whether he ever apologized to Monica Lewinsky for abusing his power during their affair, Clinton said, "No". 

- He added "I have never had apologetic conversations with that woman... Miss Lewinsky".


Just 9 days before his "On-Again" summit with Prez Trump, Kim Jong Un fired three of his top military leaders and replaced them with younger generals. 

- Technically he didn't "fire" them... He "firing squaded" them. 


A survey by Office Team found that 80% of bosses say the quality of a worker's wardrobe plays a direct role in whether or not they get a promotion. 

- Which explains why Plumbers rarely get a crack at moving up the corporate ladder. 


According to a new survey, Las Vegas is the "Best City in the World" for finding a romantic partner.

- The partnership may only last an hour and cost you a hundred big ones, but still, it's "a romantic partner". 


Brian DePalma, who directed "Scarface" and "Carrie" said that he's writing a horror film about Harvey Weinstein. 

- Seeing Harvey naked in the shower will make "Psycho" seem like a Disney Movie. 


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