A Goose who ran wild on the field at Comerica Park last night during a rain delay, evaded capture by Groundskeepers, only to fly straight into the scoreboard.

- The bird is fine... but he should have listened to the crowd chanting, "Duck! Duck! Goose!" 


Roseanne Barr's ex, Tom Arnold, says "she did it on purpose". 

- But don't worry about her. I'm bettin' she's already got a plan to star in a reboot of "The Biggest Loser".  


A car salesman in Texas is suing his boss for creating a "hostile work environment" by repeatedly "breaking wind" in the salesman's office to "keep him in line". 

- Sounds like someone isn't following the EPA's Emission Standards. 

- So much for that "New Car Smell". 


Harvey Weinstein's attorney says that despite indictments handed down by a Grand Jury Thursday, "Harvey continues to maintain his position of innocence". 

- Which is new, since the women who had to deal with him said he loved to CHANGE positions. 


Officials in Hawaii are warning residents not to roast marshmallows over flowing lava, as it could be dangerous. 

- Ya think?

- Apparently that whole "Pompeii" thing could have been avoided if the Girl Scouts hadn't been on a camping trip.


A massive new study out of Britain found that people who need reading glasses are genetically prone to be more intelligent than those with good eyesight.

- If it's true... I have been a flipping GENIUS since I was 7!


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday! 


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