Starbucks will close all 8000 of it's US locations this afternoon for 4 hours of "Anti-Bias Training". 

- So if you're planning on buying an eight dollar cup of Joe today, you'll have to go to Tim Hortons... 4 times. 


After being officially charged on Friday, Harvey Weinstein spent the holiday weekend wearing an ankle tether. 

- He's already complaining that the tether makes it hard to take his pants off. 


Social Media is buzzing about Hillary Clinton's health after she was photographed at an annual Memorial Day Parade in NY wearing a winter coat and scarf - despite a temperature of 72 degrees.

- Some say she's concealing a back brace... I think we finally found out where she's hiding those 3,000 missing emails.  


A Manhattan woman is being sued for $1 million by her gynecologist after she posted a negative review about him on YELP claiming he charged her for an unnecessary ultrasound and never even gave her a breast exam. 

- This is the first time in a long time we've heard about a lawsuit where a guy is accused of NOT touching a woman's boob.


While 89% of Michiganders surveyed by AAA say the State's road's are in "Poor Condition", 2% believe our roads are in "Excellent Condition".

- Apparently the 2% are the ones who didn't go on a Holiday Road Trip around the State this Holiday Weekend! 


Richard Nixon's "Western White House" in California is on sale for $63.5 Million. 

- Critics say it's over priced, but the realtor said "I am not a crook!" 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday! 



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