Welcome to Monday and a special Post-Royal-Wedding Podcast! If you're like me, you set your alarm for the crack of dawn Saturday, baked up a fresh batch of crumpets and settled in with a cup of Earl Grey and a pallet of tissues to watch Harry and Meghan Tie the Knot. NOT!!! But Jackie did! She joined me at the Purtan Family Dining Room Table just a few hours after the Happy Couple said their "I Wills" to dish all the details - and try to explain to me why this "event" was so worth losing sleep over. From the Queen to the Clooney's to the all important DRESS...  she's got estrogen-laced castle to castle coverage. Plus we'll tell why a one-month-old boy stands a better chance of becoming King than the newly minted Groom does! (The baby's already spoken his first words... "It's GOOD to be the KING!!!")

So give a Royal Wave goodbye to whatever you're doing... and take a few minutes to join us for Podcast #228. You'll be bloody gobsmacked, mate! 

Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday! 


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