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A pic of a Detroit Tigers' fan who goes by "Chewbacca" and attends every home game SHIRTLESS, despite the weather. has gone viral. Meanwhile about 100 people were on hand at a strip club on 8 Mile last night when Stormy Daniels finally performed, dancing to "Abracadabra" by Steve Miller. 

- Between a pic of Chewbacca shirtless, or one of Stormy shirtless, the Editorial Board of went with Chewbacca. Sorry, guys!


Stormy claims that she'll donate her settlement money in the Trump case to Planned Parenthood. 

- And you can take that to the bank! Just like she will. 


President Trump says he's willing to walk out of his upcoming meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un if it isn't "fruitful". 

- One look at "Lil Kim's" waist and we know for sure one thing won't be "fruitful"... the lunch buffet. 


According to new research, the average American utters their first curse word of the day at 10:54am... but 1 in 4 let one loose by 9am. 

- WTH???


An AP High School student in Minnesota is demanding action after being forced to use a classroom textbook that describes President Trump as "mentally unstable". 

- In a related story, some elementary schools are now making kindergartners read "One Fish, Two Fish. Red State. Blue State" and "How The Grinch Stole The Election". 


As Bill Cosby's second sexual harassment trial continues, "America's Favorite Dad" not only claims he "doesn't like sex", he denies having a prescription for Viagra. 

- But he does have two bathtubs on his front lawn so I wouldn't rule out a prescription for Cialis. 


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