250,000 are without power after the April Ice Storm this past weekend. 

- Mother Nature, you're old enough to be in Menopause. How about a hot flash or two right about now?? 


92 year old former First Lady Barbara Bush is in very poor health, but CBS jumped the gun Sunday saying she had died peacefully at home.  



In his ABC interview, James Comey said Trump "treats women like pieces of meat" and "lies constantly"... meanwhile Trump tweeted that Comey is "not smart" and a "slime ball". 

- Why don't they just handle their disagreements like Grown Ups and throw spit balls at each other on the middle school playground?  


According to an investigative journalist, people who work in Amazon warehouses often face a ten minute walk to the bathroom, and instead pee in bottles so they're not docked for taking long breaks. 

- This is disturbing news. Especially for people who use Amazon to deliver cases of Mountain Dew. 


After being told by her Principal to "cover her nipples", a Florida teenager is staging a "Bra-Cott" at her High School today. 

- And just like that, the boys voted her the "Most Popular Girl of ALL TIME". 

- It's been dubbed the #MeBoobs Movement. 


The DEA has seized $2 million worth of Crystal Meth that was transported across the border from Mexico inside wax Disney Character figurines, including Mickey and Minnie Mouse. 

- Take this stuff and you'll end up riding Space Mountain without ever leaving your house. 


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