Former FBI director James Comey claims President Trump is "Like a mob boss".

- So basically Comey is claiming Trump is a Mafia Don. 

- Comey is seated during the interview, wearing a nice suit and a pair of cement shoes. 


Yesterday Stormy Daniels cancelled her appearance at a Strip Club on 8 Mile....again. 

- It's frustrating! This was the second time in a month I've had to change my plans. 


5'7" Mark Zuckerberg sat on a 4 inch cushion during his Congressional hearings.  

- If you haven't seen the pictures on FB don't be surprised. Zuckerberg just had them all blocked. 


New research shows that more adult children are moving back in with their parents than anytime in the last 75 years. 

- I guess Gail and I dodged a bullet when JoAnne landed the new radio gig!


Buckingham Palace announced that President Trump and First Lady Melania will NOT be invited to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's upcoming nuptials. 

- Trump immediately fired off a tweet "Get Ready England! The Missiles are Coming!!!"


Police in Orlando are trying to capture a rogue Goose who is terrorizing a neighborhood by breaking windows and attacking people in their yards. 

- Cops say they plan to "shoot first and ask questions later". Put another way, "Duck! Duck! Goose!". 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!