An Ohio woman was arrested for for making "Lewd comments" to the Easter Bunny in a local park. 

- Police say she told him he had "a really nice tail" and asked to see his "Jelly Beans". 


With Opening Day just over 24 hours away, the Tigers are still saying there are "good seats" available. 

- But if you don't go to Opening Day you're gonna miss out on 3 DELICIOUS new concession items: Brisket Cheddar Corn Muffins, Apple Pie Egg Rolls and Buffalo Sauced Cauliflower. True!


The White House has confirmed that North Korea's Kim Jong Un DID go to Beijing and visit with the Chinese Prez ahead of his upcoming meeting with President Trump. 

- KJU also visited a local elementary school and had a private meeting with the Kindergartener who actually made his iPhone! 


Playboy announced it will deactivate its Facebook accounts because of recent data breaches and the fact that FB won't allow the mag to reflect their "values" by prohibiting nudity. 

- So basically all those topless shots that come across your Facebook newsfeed have been "Fake Nudes". 


An Army Captain who used to be a man, who recently married an actor who used to be a woman, says they are "just like any other Bride and Groom". 

- The couple says their favorite gift was a set of matching "His-Used-To-Be-Hers" & "Hers-Used-To-Be-His" bath towels.  


Academy Awards President John Bailey released a memo denying the sexual misconduct allegations against him. 

- And to prove it, he says his friend Harvey Weinstein will testify as a character witness. 


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