Kim Jong Un is reportedly in China after leaving North Korea on his official train. (Pictured above)

- While in China, KJU plans on visiting Shanghai Disney and riding "It's A Small World"... cuz for once he's the tallest guy in the room. 


Sean Penn smoked two cigarettes and admitted he was "on Ambien" when he appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Monday night. 

- And then Colbert told a Trump joke. 


A woman in Ft. Myers Florida married a one hundred year old Ficus Tree over the weekend in an effort to keep the city from cutting it down. 

- I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the tree is the strong silent type. 

- Her parents were against the marriage, saying the groom has "a shady past". 


The attorney for rapper DMX, who has 15 kids by 9 different women, says he'll play clips of DMX's hit "X Gon' Give it to Ya" for the judge in an effort to get his sentence for tax fraud reduced. 

- I'm thinking the judge is "Gon' STICK IT to DMX". 


New research shows that second-hand marijuana smoke can be even more harmful to your health than inhaling second-hand cigarette smoke. 

- The only difference is, people exposed to second-hand marijuana smoke don't care. 


Northwestern University has hired erotic expert "Lady Sophia" to teach students a class about  'healthy BDSM practices' during next month's "Sex Week". 

- Parents can read more about it in the upcoming book "Fifty Shades of Wasted Tuition". 


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