Congratulations to the Eagles who toppled Tom Brady and the Patriots 41-33 to win Super Bowl LII. Incredbile game... but the Eagles were ON FIRE! 

- As were several cars in the streets of Philadelphia, thanks to tens of thousands of drunken fans. 

NOTE: Both Tom Brady, and Brandon Graham, the Eagles player who sealed the deal by knocking the ball out of Brady's hand BOTH PLAYED FOR MICHIGAN!!! 


Social Media lit up as Giselle Bunchen was caught on camera chugging red wine during her husband Tom Brady's crushing defeat. 

- Feel as bad as you want for Tom... He lost, but he still got to go home with a tispy Super Model. 


Snow and bitter temps caused scores of Metro-Detroit schools to close today. 

- Which worked out great: The kids were snowed-in this morning after their parents got plowed last night. 


If you're one of the 14 million Americans skipping work today on what's known as "Super Sick Monday" beware: 33% of employers admit they'll ask for a doctors note to prove you've got the flu and not a hangover.

- Unfortunately, chances are good your Doctor called in sick with "the flu" too. 


Fans of Prince were less than impressed with Justin Timberlake's gigantic Hologram tribute to the late Minnesota native claiming that Prince didn't even like the Timberman. 

- In other words, they were hoping for a giant screen shot of Janet Jackson's boob.


Comedian Kevin Hart tried to jump onstage during the MVP presentation, then crashed the NBC broadcast set, grabbed a mic, admitted he was drunk, and dropped the "F" bomb on live TV before walking away. 

- This kind of thing never happens at the end of "The Masters" golf tournament. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!