The local ABC TV station in Chicago is red-faced after they put up a graphic reading "P.F. Chang 2018" instead of "Pyongchang 2018" while an anchor read a story about the Olympics. 

- It was embarrassing, but to be honest, P.F. Chang's Kung Pao Chicken is Medal worthy.

- And "Tempura Calamari" sounds like the name of a Japanese Figure Skater. 


It's Fat Tuesday! 

- The day set aside to gorge on Paczkis and binge watch "My 600 Pound Life". 


The official portrait of former President Obama unveiled at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery Monday has raised a lot of eyebrows; It looks like the artist gave him a 6th finger.  

- Which is most likely pointed at a nearby portrait of Donald Trump. 


An Arizona women who went to sleep with a bad headache woke up with a British Accent. Doctors say it's a real medical condition called "Foreign Accent Syndrome".  

- The first documented case was a Ms. Meryl Streep. 


RIP... Art Van Elslander, the founder of Art Van, has died at the age of 87. In addition to his furniture empire, Van Elslander was a well known philanthropist. 

- In a very classy move, Gardner White is flying all of it's "Greatest Sale In Our History" flags at half mast. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday! 

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