For the first time since 1945 Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday have fallen on the same day. 

- Not good news for women who waited all year for chocolate... which they unfortunately gave up for Lent. 


KFC is giving away scratch-and-sniff Valentine's Day Cards. 

- Give one to your wife and she'll make sure you kick the bucket. 


President Trump and First Lady Melania will reportedly share a romantic Valentine's Dinner at the White House. 

- Then he'll serenade her with his favorite song: "Let Me Call You Tweet-Heart".


If you don't have time for Ash Wednesday services today, a church in Southfield is offering "Drive-Thru Ashes" so you don't even have to get out of your car. 

- Just don't expect the pastor to ask if "you want fries with that?". 


A survey by Credit Karma found that 40% of Americans would rather go broke than gain weight. 

- The way the Stock Market has been acting erratically lately, they won't have enough money buy a Big Mac. 


North Korea is keeping it's team of 200 Olympic Cheerleaders from defecting by holding their relatives hostage back home. 

- This explains the pom-pom routine that goes: "Give me a D!  Give me a K! Give me an M! Give me an F! What does it mean??? Don't Kill My Family!!!"


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday! 



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