102 year old Olivia De Havilland is asking the US Supreme Court to hear her case against the FX network for misrepresenting her in a biopic about her lifelong feud with her sister/fellow actor Joan Fontaine.

- 102… Wow! So it’s true: Women NEVER forget.


NBA player Stephen Curry said he doesn’t believe that US astronauts really landed on the moon.

- Sounds to me like Stephen’s been taking more than just 3 shots… on the court.


A new law being considered in California would require baseball stadiums to offer Vegan entrees.

- Mmmmm! If this catches on here, who wouldn’t enjoy a yummy boiled carrot and mustard hotdog while rootin’ on the Tigers???


A British couple - in their 70’s - were arrested after “an extremely large amount” of cocaine was found hidden in their stateroom.

- Cruise officials were tipped off when they realized the couple were jumping off the ship to play “Marco Polo” in the ocean.


Delta announced that they will no longer allow kittens or puppies on board as “Trained Emotional Support Animals”.

- Notice they haven’t banned Sex Robots… Yet.


According to an article in the NY Times, many apps on your smartphone record your location - up to 14 thousand times a day - and sell that info to the highest bidder.

- I take pleasure in knowing some high tech company somewhere is paying big bucks to find out I never left the house yesterday.


Why does Santa see a therapist?

- He’s got low Elf-Esteem.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Wednesday!