Meryl Streep told an interviewer that she’s “afraid” of President Trump. 

- And you know she’s serious because her voice trembled in three different accents. 


New research finds that best time to have your morning coffee isn’t first thing… but an hour after you wake up.

- Which begs the question… How are you supposed to stay awake for that first hour without your morning coffee???


Dealing with nosy relatives over the Holidays can be stressful, and experts say the best way to get through it is by “picking your battles”.

- Or do as my ex brother-in-law Joe always did: pick your nose. 


Students at Cal State University in California held a “Whiteness Forum” where they claimed the Christian cartoon “Veggie Tales” is racist because the villains are “vegetables of color” 

- This is what happens when you make the Redskin Potatoes the bad guys…excuse me… I mean the Native American Potatoes.


Ten football players at an Illinois high school were suspended from the team last month after they ran across a field naked with Oreo cookies wedged between their buttocks.

- Talk about a sandwich cookie.

- You don’t wanna know where they put the Nutter Butters.


New research from the European Heart Journal claims that people who get more than 6 hours of sleep a night are more likely to die early. 

- First it was 8 hours, then 7, now 6. By this time next year, a 20 minute nap should do it.


What’s Bill Clinton’s favorite part of Christmas? 

- When Dancer, Prancer and Vixen stop by to give him a Santa’s Lap Dance. 


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Tuesday!