A judge ordered Stormy Daniels to cough up almost $300,000 to pay President Trump’s attorney fees in the defamation suit against him that was dismissed.

- Wow… It’s isn’t even Christmas and Stormy already got coal in her fish net stockings.


William Shatner has angered some of his fans by taking to Twitter in defense of the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside”… which they say is about a man pressuring a woman for sex.

- QUESTION: How can Shatner’s Star Trek fans be outraged about sex when they’ve never even had it???


Instead of having the traditional “Host”, the upcoming Oscars may feature a lot of different actors and actresses taking part in the show.

- That way EVERYBODY in Hollywood gets a chance to bash Trump.


One of the most popular gifts this year is the line of “Golden Girls Chia Pets”.

- They make great stocking stuffers - or in the case of Betty White - Knee High Stuffers.


Some members of the “Caravan” of migrants are demanding 50 Grand a piece from the US Government to turn around and return to their home countries.

- This is like going to a wedding you weren’t invited to and demanding the bride and groom give you everything on their registry to get you leave.

- Thus Lady Liberty’s Motto: “Bring us your Huddled Masses yearning to Extort the US Taxpayers”.


Which of Santa’s Reindeer has the cleanest bathtub?

- Comet!


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Thursday!