LG has unveiled a new 65" TV that can be rolled up like a newspaper and put away when you're not watching it. 

- Even better, you can take it into the bathroom with you, unroll it,  and watch "Game of Thrones". 


A survey by the Commerce Department is predicting a surge in Construction jobs in late 2018. 

- Sounds like it's time for the Village People to make a comeback. 


NYC held it's annual "Pantsless Subway Ride" yesterday. 

- Anthony Weiner spent the day in his prison cell under a 24-hour Suicide Watch. 


After tense talks, officials announced that North Korean athletes will travel to South Korea to compete in the upcoming Olympics there. 

- The games don't start until February, but Kim Jong Un claims North Korea has already taken the Gold, Silver and Bronze in every event. 


Some Historians are upset about President Obama's plans to include a yoga studio, basketball court and "test kitchen" in his Presidential Library set to open in Chicago in 2021.

- Obama poo-pooed the critics saying, "If I like my yoga studio, basketball court and test kitchen, I can KEEP my yoga studio, basketball court and test kitchen." 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!


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