Sunday Night's Golden Globes was awash in actresses dressed in black to protest sexual harassment, and speeches saying that women must be heard. 

- Bill Clinton applauded the move, adding that even in Black, "those chicks looked HOT". 


Social media went crazy with support after host Seth Meyers floated the idea of Oprah running for President in 2020. 

- And unlike with Obama... if Oprah promises everyone a new car, we'll probably get it! 

- Oprah said she was bowled over by the support, but mad at herself for using up a weeks worth of Weight Watcher points on hor d'oeurves at the post-party. 


President Trump responded to criticisms of his mental health over the weekend by tweeting, "I'm like, really smart. A very stable genius". 

- It reminds me of Einstein's famous quote:  "E = like, MC Squared".


A psychiatrist from Yale University claims that Trump - although she's never met him - "may lead to the extinction of the Human species". 

- Wait... I thought Global Warming was going to do that? I just read about it while huddling under a blanket to fight off the -25 degree wind chill. 


It's Kim Jong Un's Birthday! The madman of North Korea turn 34 today. 

- He'll celebrate with a nuclear missile launch before heading over to Chuck E. Cheese for a pizza party. 

- He wanted a Bouncy House, but he's over the recommended weight limit. 


It's National Show and Tell at Work Day!

- Or as Matt Lauer and Harvey Weinstein used to call it: Monday.


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!