In the span of 24 hours, former Trump advisor Steve Bannon called Trump Jr. "treasonous", Trump Sr. said Bannon had "Lost his job and his mind" and Bannon turned around and called The Prez "A Great Man". 

- I've got such whiplash I'm about to Call Sam! 


A fire broke out in a guest bedroom at the Clinton Compound in Chappaqua , NY yesterday.

- Luckily no one was hurt... but despite her best effort to fan the flames, Hillary's "Lost" emails survived the blaze.

- There hasn't been that much heat in the sheets since Bill's last visit to the Lincoln Bedroom. 


The East Coast is bracing for a "Bomb Cyclone" storm that will bring bitter cold, ice and wicked wind gusts. 

- The unofficial name of the storm is the "Rosie O'Donnell". 


A new book claims that President Trump's hairdo is the result of very cheap dye and a "scalp reduction". 

- He allegedly had the scalp reduction at the same time he had an "Ego Enhancement".  


Celebrity trainer Harry Hanson announced that he's now offering naked workout sessions at his NYC gym. 

- This could start a new trend of co-ed Push-Ups.  


A hotel in San Francisco is now offering guests who miss their pets a paid "meet and greet" with a puppy in their room. 

- If you miss your wife and want to get the cold shoulder, they'll send up a cat instead. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!