Meteorologists believe the bright lights and big boom seen and heard a little after 8pm in Metro Detroit last night was a "Bolide" - a meteor that explodes in the atmosphere. 

- I just thought it was my neighbors finally doing the finale to the fireworks they've been setting off every night since the 4th of July. 


Yesterday, the Prez's doctor said that despite eating a lot of McDonald's and KFC, Trump is in "excellent physical health" due to "genetics", and that he aced a mental competency test with a score of 30 out of 30. 

- And this guy should know... he's been Trump's Pediatrician since he got his very first booster shot. 


Reporters asked questions including "Does he have a drug addiction?" and "Does the President wear dentures?". ("No" on both, btw).

- Trump immediately tweeted: "Now FAKE NEWS implying I have FAKE TEETH! SAD!"


North and South Korea officially announced that their Olympic teams will March together under a united flag during next month's Opening Ceremonies. 

- There hasn't been a "relationship" so manufactured for the cameras since Michael Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley. 


A 50-something Frenchwoman is on trial for seducing and poisoning 4 wealthy elderly men to get their cash.

- The gents said they knew they were being scammed, but did what comes naturally to Frenchmen: They surrendered.


IKEA has a new ad in a Swedish newspaper that doubles as a pregnancy test. Women just have to "tinkle" on the ad and give it to the cashier who will announce the results.

- This gives a whole new meaning to "Clean Up in Aisle 3".


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!


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