45 men who dressed up like Tom Selleck's flowered-shirt-wearing "Magnum P.I." character, were tossed from Saturday's Tiger game for reasons that remain unclear. 

- I don't get it. The Tigers have dressed up like Professional Baseball Players this year, and They're allowed to stay. 


During his speech to the UN y-day, President Trump said that if provoked the U.S. will  "totally destroy" N. Korea and called Lil Kim "Rocket Man".

- He's on an Elton John roll... Look for him to start referring to Sanders and his supporters as "Bernie & The Jerks". 


Madonna is suing to keep a former friend from auctioning a pair of her used underwear from the 1990's. 

- So... Madonna actually WORE underwear in the 90's?? 


New research found that among all bottled beer, the one most likely to cause flatulence and bloating in none other than Budweiser. 

- So ladies, if you see your husband handing your dog a beer and saying "This Bud's for You"... you know why. 


David Hasselhoff's ex-wife Pamela Bach is fighting to keep her $10,000 a month Spousal support 11 years after they divorced, claiming she worked her butt off to help his career during their marriage. 

- What career???


The owner of a Wisconsin Dairy Queen is taking heat on Social Media for an "offensive" poster warning customers that his shop is "Politically Incorrect" because the staff says "Merry Christmas", "God Bless America" and gives free ice cream to Vets. 

- Far leftists are also protesting DQ's "Blizzards" because they claim the name flies in the face of Global Warming. 


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