Today is the last full day of Summer, and temps in Metro Detroit are expected to reach an amazing 85 degrees. It's not often you get a chance to work on your tan while sipping a Pumpkin Spice Latte! 


12-year-old singing ventriloquist Darci Farmer and her rabbit puppet "Petunia" were crowned the 12th season champs on "America's Got Talent" last night.

- Look for her new book "How to Win Talent Shows For (And With) Dummies".


During a meeting with African leaders at the UN on Wednesday, President Trump referred to Namibia, a country on the southwestern coast of Africa, as "Nambia."

- Great. How much is it gonna cost to re-embroider all of those "Make Nambia Great Again" baseball caps???


In her new book "What Happened", Hillary Clinton says that there's a "Right Wing war on Truth". 

- Kinda like that whole fake Monica Lewinsky thing was part of a "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy". 


A 5th-grade math teacher in Florida has angered parents after asking students to use gender-neutral pronouns in the classroom - including calling her "Mix Bressack". 

- Remember when the most confusing thing about 5th-grade math was the "new math"? 


Google revealed that the most asked question it receives about sex is "How Do I find The G-Spot?"

- Duh! You just Google it! 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!