16 years ago today we woke up to the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers & the Pentagon... we would also learn of the heroism of the people on board a 4th airliner that crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. God Bless America! 


Sunday night's Miss America Pageant turned political when finalists were asked if Confederate statues should be torn down and if Prez Trump colluded with the Russians.

- What happened to the important question about Puffy Clouds??? 


Matthew Stafford and the Lions won their season opener beating Arizona 35-23. 

- Let's all take a moment to savor the chance to say "The Lions have a winning record!" 


The Tigers have converted their Lakeland, Florida training camp into a public shelter for victims of Hurricane Irma. 

- And just like that, the Tigers have more of a Prayer for redemption than Joel Osteen. 


Hillary Clinton says that in an effort to get over her election loss, she took up yoga. 

- And if you've ever tried to do Yoga in a pantsuit you know just how hard she tried. 

- Bill taught her the "Downward Facing Intern" pose. 


Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain said that if asked to cater a dinner for Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, he'd poison both of them. 

- Dennis Rodman was outraged... that Bourdain would try to kill KJU.


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!