England's 96 year old Prince Phillip will officially retire from public duties this afternoon. 

- Yup, he's finally waving that gig goodbye. 


According to a new report, Queen Elizabeth consumes 4 alcoholic beverages every day. 

- But that number goes way up when Prince Harry shows up with the Royal Beer Bong. 

- The Queen credits her daily "Metamucil Martini" for keeping her on the throne for so many years. 


A Morning Consult Poll found that an overwhelming majority of Americans won't miss fired White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. 

- It also found that nearly all Americans think Scaramucci is a new item on The Olive Garden's "Tour of Italy" menu.  


Just days before the two will meet at an International Summit, Philippine President Duterte described North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as a "fool" and a "son of a bitch" with a "chubby face".

- The real story here is that it was the Philippine President who made the remarks, NOT President Trump. 


OJ Simpson's former agent, who owns the infamous White Bronco from OJ's 1994 car chase is putting it up for sale for $700,000. 

- Interested buyers can contact him to arrange a Slow-Speed Test Drive. 


A bride is Tennessee was arrested after pulling a gun out of her wedding dress and trying to shoot her new husband just hours after they exchanged vows. 

- She told cops in her family the bride always wears "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and a Loaded 22". 

- This is what happens when the Bride registers at Target. 


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