Rumor has it that OJ Simpson will move to Florida when he's paroled in October. 

- It seems like the perfect place for a guy who likes to go on slow-speed drives. 


Starting today, Tiger fans will be able to use fingerprint technology to get into Comerica Park. 

- They were going to use it at the concession stands too, but the mustard and nacho cheese sauce kept gunking up the scanner. 


President Trump was greeted with shouts of "We Love Trump!" by nearly 40,000 people at the National Boy Scout Jamboree in West Virginia last night. 

- He got even bigger cheers when he handed out Merit Badges reading "Make Weenie Roasts Great Again". 


President Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner testified before a Congressional Committee yesterday and was asked repeatedly whether he had colluded with Russia during the election. 

- He responded, "Nyet! Nyet! A thousand times Nyet!"


Top Dem. Chuck Schumer criticized former BFF Hillary Clinton for blaming others for her election loss and  unveiled a new slogan for the Democratic Party: "A Better Deal". 

- That replaces "A Bitter Deal" which is the slogan they've been using since November. 


The Navy's newest Aircraft Carrier is ditching Urinals in favor of "Gender Neutral" traditional toilets to accommodate both male and female sailors. 

- So now before the male sailors let their "Anchors Aweigh"... they're gonna have to put the seat up first. 


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