Welcome to a brand new week and a brand spankin' new Podcast... #219! Today Jackie and I are joined by one of our favorite guests, Tom Delisle, at the Purtan Dining Room Table. In our ongoing effort to be "entertaining", we share a bunch of entertainment stories from "This Business We Call Show" (yes, I once heard a singer say that on stage). Among them: My wife, Gail on "The Tonight Show"... We compare Prez Trump's speaking style to Rodney Dangerfield's (neither one gets any respect) ... the time I was introduced as "The one and only BOB Purtan!" at the State Fair... a joke about my former Radio sidekick, Tom Ryan - that nobody got... and a great story about the late Roger "James Bond" Moore - that will leave you stirred - if not shaken. 

And as we look back on 50th Anniversary of the Riots that changed Detroit forever, Tom - who was a reporter for the Free Press in the summer of '67 - shares an amazing story of what it was like to be riding a tank right in the thick of it.  

So join us as we take a look back at some things that made us laugh, some that shocked us, but all shaped who were are today. 

Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!